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Francexim thanks to the volume of trade recorded annually has become the first brokerdealer in extra virgin olive oil in France.

A Prospective Tradition
As a family business, Francexim was created in 1958 in Paris starting from simple initial observation that throughout history, across all civilizations, no one has ever dared to deny the remarkable virtues of olive oil. It is inspired by that unshakable longevity that Francexim applies...

About us...

Olive oil is a condiment that has made history of Mediterranean cuisine for thousands of years. In fact, one should focus on the olive tree itself  to realize that it is characteristic of the Mediterranean region.

Based on an ancient practice, the process of extracting olive oil is relatively simple, and was practiced in rural Spain, Italy or Greece.

Provence, where Francexim is now located, is also famous for its production of olive oil.

But even if improving the quality of olive oil was accompanied necessarily by a complex production process it still relies on the same basis: the crushing...

about us ...


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