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Francexim thanks to the volume of trade recorded annually has become the first brokerdealer in extra virgin olive oil in France.

A Prospective Tradition
As a family business, Francexim was created in 1958 in Paris starting from simple initial observation that throughout history, across all civilizations, no one has ever dared to deny the remarkable virtues of olive oil. It is inspired by that unshakable longevity that Francexim applies continuously to ensure their consistency and regularity.

One Olive Oil, One Quality, One Savoir-faire

Transferred to Marseille on the Mediterranean coast, historic stronghold of "the other yellow gold," Francexim took advantage of new opportunities offered by the European Union to get even closer to its producers, mainly Spanish, and thus offering its customers extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.
This close cooperation between Francexim with on one hand, producers of olive oil from European and on the other multinationals that are its customers allowed us to become a key player in negotiating oil extra virgin olive in France.
And now this increased complicity with the other actors in the economy of the olive oil are added into the Francexim identity which as the image of the olive oil remain unchanged.

Our Experience to serve our customers
Because our only concern is to offer the best olive oils to our customers, Francexim participates in all stages of production of the elixir.
Thus, from the olive harvest to the delivery of olive oil in bulk, Francexim actively monitors all stages of production.
Today it is probably the serious involvement in the production of olive oil that allows customers to give Francexim their confidence ...


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